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All my Palm OS apps are now free.

Please just download the app, then head over to download the registration code generator

To use the registration code generator, you need to enter your hotsync id, and the expiry date for the new codes. Using something like 202012 will set your codes to expire in December 2020.

These links use the Excellent PalmSource Installer. This makes downloading a breeze, and even compresses downloads to make them faster to download.
If you like the old ways, you can also download the .prc files!

If you're super-keen, then you are welcome to grab the source code for my apps. Don't expect me to remember how they work though...


Main Applications Click on the product name to download

Download Butler
Butler Butler - The assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms,Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More.Buy Butler now
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Download Genius!
Genius! Genius! - Genius! Makes accessing information on the Web faster and simpler. Comparison Shopping, Information, Translation: Type your search and go straight to the answer.
Get Genius! Plugins
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Download Initiate Pro
Initiate Pro Initiate Pro - The Smartphone Launcher. Find what you want fast. Use Initiate to Dial a contact, Send an SMS, Play an MP3, Launch an Application Load a Bookmark or manage your files. Initiate lets you launch applications from the SD card, and provides full drag & drop interface to let you manage your device
Get Skins - Get Backgrounds - Get Bookmarks - Get Plugins
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Download Initiate Standard
Initiate Standard Initiate Standard - Fast, powerful and configurable launcher that lets you manage applications with a simple drag & drop interface. Launches applications from the sd card - and even provides a view to find and launch contacts!
Get Skins - Get Backgrounds - Get Bookmarks
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Download Power Hero
Power Hero Power Hero - Need more power? Save the day with Power Hero! With automatic power-saving features, customised scheduling, auto-bluetooth and the power-use console Power Hero gets the best from your battery!Buy Power Hero now
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Download Reset Doctor
Reset Doctor Reset Doctor - reduces crashes, helps you track down buggy applications and most importantly, saves your preferences when they are inexplicably destroyed during resets. This means you won't miss alarms, lost settings or have to re-enter your registration codes.Buy Reset Doctor now
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Download Rollover
Rollover Rollover - Roll appointments from day to day.Buy Rollover now
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Download Show Off
Show Off Show Off - See instantly whether your ringer switch is on or offBuy Show Off now
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Download Snoozy
Snoozy Snoozy - letting YOU pick how long you want to Snooze! If it has ever annoyed you that the calendar or your alarm only let you snooze for 5 minutes, you need Snoozy!Buy Snoozy now
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Download Phone Technician
Phone Technician Phone Technician - Makes your Centro or Treo into a Better Phone. Boost call volume. Individual Mp3 Ringtones, Easy Conference. Easy Dial. Save battery. Turn phone connection on automatically in the morning. And more...Buy Phone Technician now
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Download Mother!
Mother! Mother - Never miss a thing! 6 flexible mp3 alarms (supports MM Player, AeroPlayer or Pocket Tunes). Mother also nags you until you notice your other alerts.Buy Mother! now
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Free Applications.

Small, Handy Applications that you can use for free. Support is only available for these on the forum

Initiate SkinBuilder This app lets you design your own skin for Initiate. It has an easy graphical interface and lets you concentrate on the design. (currently in beta)
Power Hero Shortcuts 0.04

These are a set of shortcuts to let you easily turn things on and off on your Treo or Centro to manage power. You might want to link them to a favourite so you can use Butler's keylauncher to press and hold a key and do the relevant job. They require PowerHero to be installed.
Bluetooth off, Bluetooth on, Toggle Bluetooth
Infrared off, Infrared on, Toggle Infrared
Keylights off, Keylights on, Toggle keylights
Network connection off, Network connection on, Toggle network connection
Phone connection off, Phone connection on, Toggle phone connection
Screen 0%,Screen 20%,Screen 40%,Screen 60%,Screen 80%,Screen 100%

Many of these are customisable - you'll get an option to customise them when they first launch. If you want to change the setting later, then just hold the shift key when you launch them.

Plus Dial

Plus dial lets you specify a trigger number and a replacement number. If you ever dial a number beginning with the trigger, Plus dial hangs up quickly and re-dials with that part replaced with your replacement number. I use it to replace numbers beginning with 44 with +44. (for some reason I keep losing the +).

You can use it how you like!


A set of tiny apps that just do a single very simple job. You might want to link them to a favourite so that you can use Butler's keylauncher to launch them.

FlushCache.prc - Flushes the DB cache on NVFS enabled devices (requires Reset Doctor)
CallLog.prc - Launches the call log view of the phone application
DialPad.prc - Launches the dial pad view of the phone application
Favourites.prc - Launches the favourites view of the phone application
MissedCalls.prc - Launches the missed calls view of the phone application
Reset.prc - Does a soft reset
Network.prc - Loads the network preference panel in the system preferences
Debug.prc - Puts the phone in console mode (if you're not a developer, you won't use this)
Crash.prc - Causes your device to crash with the mesage "this is a crash"
ResetLed.prc - Launches Butler in the background and aske it to reset it's LED status. Useful for folks who find their LED 'sticks'
ToggleSpeakerphone.prc - Launches Phone Technician in the background and toggles the speakerphone status

Fix Databases

Helps deal with issues with the calendar, contacts, toDo and memos databases have problems.
New Palm devices (from the treo 650 onwards) maintain a new database and an old one. Sometimes they get out of sync. This app tries to help.

IdCheck This application is designed for people who are having troubles registering. It clarifies even the most confusing Hotsync ID
Log Viewer This lets you view logs saved by some hobbyist apps in their beta versions


These are used by other applications to provide functionality. Normally, they'll be installed automatically for you.

Font Bucket This is a free program provided by Hands High software. It is free. Butler uses it to show large fonts in the Keyguard Time. The linked version also includes a couple of particularly large fonts. Hands High also provide utilities for you to create new fonts in different sizes on Windows machines.
MagicTones This is used by Phone Technician to provide customised ringtones. It is normally installed automatically when you install Phone Technician.
VoiceLibrary The Voice Library is required by Initiate for voice activation. It is normally installed automatically when you install Initiate.
JpegLib.prc JpegLib is a free library created by Yves Piguet. It is used by Initiate to provide JpegSupport. It is distributed under the modified BSD license. The licence can be seen Here
Icon Manager Icon Manager is a free application written by Christopher Antos. It lets you view and modify icon sets. You can use it to modify the I8-Icons file which is used to provide icons for Initiate categories (soon!). The Initiate default Icon set is here