Genius! plugins

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General Plugins

  • AccuWeather - Worldwide weather
  • AEAirWeb - AmericanExpress itineraries - takes an email login string (full Site) -by Tom (bkT4)
  • Amazon All Products - Amazon Mobile, All Products - by Joe (bkAA)
  • Ask Jeeves - Worldwide weather (full site)-by Roger (bk17)
  • Blogs - Various Blog search engines (seperate category)
  • DVDVerdict - Movie reviews (bkDV)
  • Finance - Yahoo & Motley Fool (seperate category)
  • Freeware Palm - Free palm software search - by Arnav (bkfp)
  • Flight Status - mobile-friendly flight status (boring link)
  • Google News - Google News (full site) -by Mike (bk99)
  • Googlizer - Reformats any webpage to be mobile-friendly -by Andreas. (bk55)
  • Gmail Search - Search your Gmail -By Daniel (bkgm)
  • H2G2 - Community version of the hitch hikers guide
  • Ham Radio - Callsign lookup and the first 'Independant' plugin! -by Andy. (bk74)
  • Handango - Search their mobile store
  • HandyFact - Random Handy lookups (boring link) - By Tom (bkT2)
  • How Stuff Works (computer section) - explanations- by Ventz ( bkVP)
  • Images - Google Images
  • Leo - German <-> English translation using the mobile site of http://dict.leo.org. By Stefan (bks2)
  • Midlet.org - Search for java midlets - by Scott (bkmo)
  • Movies - Hollywood.com, Yahoo movies and the IMDB
  • Package Tracking - USPS(full Site), UPS(full site) & Fedex
  • PDA Portal - Search for mobile-friendly websites - by Joe (bkPp)
  • Wapedia - WAP enhanced interface for Wikipedia - by Gail (bkwa)
  • Portugese/English translation - English to Portugese and vice versa - by Marcio (bk00)
  • MorePalmSoftware - software search at PalmGear, Handango, TreoCentral, and TreoBits.(full Sites)- by Karen (bkps) (Use the built in Downloadable Software search to get mobile-friendly downloads)
  • Treobits Forum - Treo related discussions...
  • Video Search - Video search plugin for use with Kinoma EX. That searches YouTube & GoogleVideo - By Daniel (bkgv)
  • Web MD - For the mobile hypochondriac! -by Roger (bk05)
  • Whois - Whois Lookup (bkWh)
  • Words - Dictionary & Thesaurus

US-Specific Plugins

  • ComputerStores - searches BestBuy, CompUSA, Circuit City, and Staples. -by Karen (bkcs)
  • Delocator - Find independant coffee shops in your area -by Ignacy (bkzd)
  • DVD Price Search - Find the lowest cost DVDs (bkDV)
  • E-Cost - Ecost search (full site) - by Delrick (bk01)
  • Edmunds - auto information - takes either 'new' or 'used' - by Tom (bkT3)
  • Google Movies - Searches Movies Showtimes by zip code or city - by lunigma
  • Microsoft Cheap Gas Checker - find Gas - by Jerry (bkFF)
  • Mojam Concerts - search concerts by city or artist - by Andreas (bk56)
  • MovieFone - movies, theaters and showtimes - search by zip code - by Tom (bkT1)
  • NBC - search the NBC site (bkNB)
  • Netflix - Lookup movie DVDs on Netflix's mobile site. By Stefan (bks1)
  • Powerball - Minnesota Powerball Winning Numbers -by Roger (boring link) (bk15)
  • Phone Numbers -US Phone Lookup Plugin: Reverse phone number lookup, white pages lookup, Area Code to City lookup, City to Area Code lookup. - By Dave. (bk50)
  • TV Guide -TV listings by zip code. - By Joe. (bkTV)
  • CheckUPC - Check the UPC Barcode (in UCC-12 format) of any product at www.checkupc.com. By Stefan (bks5)
  • UPCDatabase - Lookup the UPC Barcode (in UCC-12 format) of any product at www.upcdatabase.com/itemform.asp. By Stefan (bks4)
  • Yellow Pages -From Verizon. - By Daniel. (bkDE)
  • Yelp! - Yelp reviews everything (full site) - By Stephan. (bk93)
  • Yelp! - Yelp reviews everything (mobile optimised) - By Yaara. (bkYL)

Other Country Plugins

  • Dutch Selection - BellBios, Google, Veilingen, Weer & Wikipedia - by Jean-Paul (bkDT)
  • German Selection - Ebay, Google, Wikipedia, Wetter Online, Günstiger.de - by Michael (bk02)
  • Norwegian Selection -Phone, Maps, Routes and Airports - by Christine (bkc6)
  • Swedish Selection -Phone and addresses lookup with maps (Hitta.se and Eniro) and weather
    information from Väder.se. By Christian Liljeberg (bk78)
  • UK Travel - UK Train times and London Journey planner (boring links)
  • UK Selection -Google UK (local, search & directions) ,weather, tv, traffic & news (In UK Category). - By Charles. (bkct)
  • UK Information - mimics the default information category, but with UK specific searches - by Paul (bkU1)
  • UK Shopping - mimics the default shopping category, but with UK specific searches -(bkU2)
  • UK No to 0870 - Lets you find customer service numbers that don't charge premium rates (bk87)
  • Jonga - South African Mobile Search-Engine (bkjn)

Make your own plugins

Making plugins is about a 4 on the techie scale. You need to be able to unzip a .zip file, edit a .txt file which is similar to html and run a small application (PC only I'm afraid)

It's pretty easy - and glory can be yours forever! To give it a go: