Set up VLC for the VLC Remote - Linux

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NB: These setup instructions are for VLC 2.1 or later. If you are using an earlier version of VLC, then please click here.

A) Enable the HTTP Interface

  1. Open the VLC settings
    • VLC Menu/Tools/Preferences
  2. Enable 'All Settings' (by default VLC only shows the most used settings)
    • Click on the 'All' button at the bottom left of the screen

    win prefs

  3. Enable the interface
    • Click on Interface, then Main interfaces
    • Select the 'Web' checkbox.
      • This should show 'http' in the text box
  4. Mac Prefs


B) Set your password

win prefs

  1. Click on the Lua icon on the left
    • Enter a password under Lua HTTP
  2. The default password we use is 'vlcremote' if you use this password, then the remote will connect automatically without you needing to re-enter your password.
  3. Click save to save your preferences
  4. Quit VLC and reopen it.


C) Note for Web OS or Windows Phone users

Your phones don't have the ability to scan Bonjour like the iPhone does, so you won't automatically see remotes, and you won't see any cones next to available remotes.

Instead, you'll have to click on 'Manual Pairing' in the first page of the app and enter the IP address of your machine. (Type ifconfig for IP address details at the terminal).

D) That's it!

By now, you should be able to see your computer in the VLC Remotes page under 'Found Computers'. If VLC is running on your computer, then you should see a Traffic cone next to the computer entry.

You can then select that computer and control it remotely.


If you can't connect, try the troubleshooting page.