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The best Android VLC Remote® Control!

VLC Remote® turns your Android device into a remote control for VLC media player.

VLC is a great, free and popular media player famous for being able to handle almost any file format.

VLC Remote® lets you sit back, relax and control things from your easy chair!

It is a joy to use - no more reaching for the mouse when you want to pause your TV, select the next episode, or play some different music.

Features include:

  • Easily control VLC from your sofa!
  • Works with VLC on your Mac, PC, or Linux machine.
  • Full browsing control on your computer (select any file on your computer to play)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fine-grained control of position or volume
  • Stop, Play and Pause
  • Full DVD controls
  • Control volume, position, next track and previous track
  • Turn fullscreen on and off
  • Control subtitles, aspect ratio, audio track and delays
  • Use the picker control for fine control of volume and position
  • View the playlist and play files from it
  • Easily access external drives
  • Use landscape mode for more control and customise with skins
  • Automatically looks for VLC players in your local network