Set up VLC for VLC Remote

It only takes a few steps to set up VLC to work with the VLC remote.

You should be able to enjoy using VLC remote in just a few minutes...

1) Download the Setup Helper

The setup helper will help VLC Remote to connect to VLC


Latest version for Windows :

Download VLC Setup Helper

Latest version for Mac OS :

Download VLC Setup Helper

(Requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher)

or see alternative versions (older versions, and versions for other operating systems)


2) Run the Setup Helper

If you use the default firewall on your system, then the helper will configure that correctly.

If you use your own firewall application, then you'll need to make sure it allows VLC to communicate through the firewall.

3) That's It!

By now, you should be able to see your computer in the VLC Remotes page under 'Found Computers'.

If VLC is running on your computer, then you should see a Traffic cone next to the computer entry.

Tap on the computer and enjoy!

If you don't see your computer immediately, you can tap on the rescan button (bottom left of the screen) to re-scan the network

4) ...Not there yet?

Don't worry if things don't work out immediately. There are a few simple things you can check, and detailed troubleshooting instructions at the troubleshooting page.

Don't want to use the setup helper? You're making things difficult for yourself, but you are welcome to follow the manual instructions for Windows, Mac or Linux !