AV Rules - Screen Resolutions and Audio devices tamed.

When I connect my projector, I want my mac to switch to 1080p.

When I connect my TV, I want it to run at 720p

When hdmi audio output is available, I want my mac to use that (and to use all the channels too!)

Previously, my Mac mini didn't do a great job of switching, so I wrote AV Rules to take charge.

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Simple, powerful rules

Create rules for the behaviour you want. You can see easily which ones are triggered.

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Trigger when a Screen or Audio Device is connected or disconnected.

Whenever your mac recognises a change - it runs the rules again.

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Audio rules

AV Rules can set your default output, and it also makes sure that the channel settings are as you wish.

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Screen rules.

When a screen is attached, you can set the resolution and also trigger an audio device.

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Buy Now Only $ 2.99