VLC Streamer - Alternate versions

VLC Streamer uses VLC to handle the actual conversion of movies to the format for the iPhone/iPad.

Windows XP

If you're using Windows XP, you should definitly upgrade! However, if you won't or can't, then the last version which officially works on windows XP is version 5.10

Mac OS - Older computers

If you are using an old version of Mac OS (Mac OS 10.5, or Mac OS 10.6 on a 32bit CPU), then please use version 3.50

If you're using Mac OS 10.6 on a 64bit CPU, then the latest version you can use is version 3.91


The linux version is unsupported. It was provided by a generous community member. More info here.

Historical releases - 'A' Version

The A version is based on the current VLC. It is best for most filetypes.


Mac OS